We are not only sailing in Maastricht but Lagakari also organizes several weekends around the year to go sailing in different parts of the Netherlands. 


Introweekend is organized at the end of September before the membership deadlines. That means you can join the weekend without being a member of Lagakari. This is a weekend in Friesland where we use valks and skotjes to sail, also sleep in them. As the name suggests, it is a great opportunity to get to know the association and Lagakarians to decide whether you want to become a member afterwards. The days are full of sailing and night are filled with parties.


The Bikkelweekend is a sailing weekend in Friesland which is only for the true tough ones among us! The entire weekend is filled with water, wind, and fun. We sail with cabin boats such as Clever 23s and Fox 22s, sleep in them and party on them. At the end of the weekend, you will emotionally bond with your boat 🙂

Lagakari Instruction Weekend

The Lagakari Instruction Weekend (LIW), is a weekend in the spring in which we go to the Morra lake in Friesland together to take sailing lessons from our own instructors. Although it is important to improve your level during this weekend, it is of course also an incredibly fun weekend, with a new theme every year.