Up for some sailing but not for a lesson? Totally possible! All you need to do is contact one of our ‘schippers’ and you’ll be on the water in no time! They’re listed below, sorted by discipline.

In this presentation you can find how to reserve boats or lessons!

Keelboat (KB):

  • Angeniet Helwig
  • Didier de Loo
  • Dorian Tamminga 
  • Farina Schlabs
  • Inge Vliex
  • Jasper van de Nieuwenhuijzen
  • Joanita van Santen
  • Lisa Bol
  • Marcel Rooms
  • Mohit Nebhwani
  • Rose Stroo
  • Saskia van Ool
  • Siem Rijpstra
  • Wouter de Vries

Dinghy (ZB):

  • Angeniet Helwig (1-man)
  • Inge Vliex (1+2-man)
  • Jasper van de Nieuwenhuizen (1-man)
  • Rose Stroo (1+2-man)
  • Wouter de Vries (1-man)
  • Maria Boluda Aguirre (1-man)
  • Dorian Tamminga (1-man)
  • Mohit Nehbwani (1-man)
  • Joanita van Santen (1-man)

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