The fleet of M.S.Z.V. Lagakari

Sailing in Maastricht? Yes it’s possible!

Our fleet lies in the harbour Jachthaven Portofino. The association is in possession of a Laser 2 regetta, two laser standards (including a radial set), two laser pico’s, two polyvalks, a motorboat and an optimist! We are also in possession of a shipping container which is located in the harbour. Here we can store our material such as sails, tools, wetsuits etc.


The Nimbus is a Hoora Valk built in the year 2008 and added to our fleet in 2019. The valk was purchased from Hoora Watersport, located in Ottenhome. The name nimbus comes from the circle shaped light beam which is drawn on the heads of the greek gods as well as other holy men.


The Brizo is a polyvalk built in the year 2004 and was added in 2011 to our fleet. She is named after the Greek godess Brizo, the protector of the mariners, sailors and fishermen.


Teemo is the Laser Pico of Lagakari. She is build in the year 2006 and was purchased in the year 2014. Even though it looks like a Carnaval boat, with it’s yellow hull and blue sails. She is is very well suited to be used as a boat for taking lessons for beginner dingy sailors!


A new purchase of 2017 was our Laser Pico Tonic. You can distinguish it from the Teemo by looking at the boat: white instead of yellow! Moreover, it’s characteristics and use are of of course identical to the Teemo.


Fokke is the Laser 1, otherwise called the Laser standard. She was built in 2002 and added to our fleet in 2012. Fokke has a standard sail as well as a radial sail. She is often used to give lessons, as well as the occasional match.


Since 2017 we have a new boat: our second laser 1 Gin! The built year of this boat is 2010. Just like our Fokke, she is very well suited for the more advanced sailors, although she can just as well be used for teaching purposes.

The Gulden Gup:

The Gulden Gup is a Laser 2 Regetta. She was built in 1999 and added to our fleet in 2021. The Gulden Gup is easily distinguishable by its yellow colour, you can’t miss it when you it’s on the water! The Gulden Gup has next to the standard sails, also in possession of a spinnaker which makes it a challenging boat!


The crown Jewel, the creme de la creme……. Our optimist! She is predominantly used for promotional endeavors and can easily be sailed. Sadly grown up students are just a bit too large for the youth boat, but that does not spoil the fun!


Our motorboat is indestructible, she originates from 2003 and has, to our disappointment, no sails. She is however the ultimate comfort to our dinghy boat instructors who are able to easily instruct our learning members.


With regard to instructors



If you’re an advanced sailor, or have never sat on a boat before, with Lagakari everyone is welcome. The education committee is always ready for you, helping you to reach the next level. Lagakari therefore offers multiple different lessons to our members in return for a small contribution.

Keel boat or dinghy
Lagakari is in possesions of multiple boats for different disciplines. DO you enjoy staying dry, then the keel boat is for you. Are you more excited by speed and the occasional swimming? Then the dinghy is for you.

Internal lessons
At Lagakari, there are both internal as external lessons offered. The internal lessons are given by experienced sailors within our association. They are ready to help you in the sailing world. The internal lessons are beginner lessons, level 1 lessons. They are given on both keel boat as dinghy.

External lessons
The lessons for the advanced levels (2 and 3) are given at external sailing schools. The sailing schools can give you an official sailing certificate, valid in the Netherlands. Sadly, the certificates given by Lagakari are only valid within Lagakari. The external sailing school is situated in Roermond, very close to Maastricht. Lagakari also has connections to other sailing schools. The external sailing lessons are for both keel boat as dinghy (level 2 and 3).

Lagakari Instructor Week (LIW)

During the mos exciting sailing week that Lagakari organizes, the Lagakari Instructor Week, there are lot’s of lessons given by our instructors on the Morra lake in Friesland. This year the LIW is from 1-5 may 2020.

Want to give lessons? Become an instructor
Do you have a sailing level 3 when you join Lagakari? Or have you gotten your level 3 within Lagakari? Then you can become an instructor. For this, Lagakari has the instructor course, where you can learn beginning students how to sail. Lot’s of fun! And being an instructor also has it’s perks, such as the exclusive instructor weekend!!

Theory evenings
Because sailing is a real summer sport, there is no sailing during the winter. However we still want to learn something, which is why there are theory evenings organized. The participation of the theory evenings is completely free. Many different subjects will be taught: from beginner theory to priority rules, knots and match theory.

If you have any questions about the lessons, the instructors course or th theory evenings, you can email opleiding@lagakari.nl.

Just having fun
Do you just want to have a bit of fun with some drinks and snacks? That’s also possible. To be allowed to take a Lagakari boat on your own, you have to have the right sailing level. If you do not have this, you can always ask a schipper. Just let them know and you can bring some people along!

How to: Lessons

Do you want to get a lesson? This is what you have to do:

  1. A notice comes up on Facebook/WhatsApp when there are lessons available.
  2. Sent an email to: opleiding@lagakari.nl, describe which lesson you want to join.
  3. 3 days before the lesson, you will receive an email with the last information.

Is no lesson planned and you want to get one? This is what you have to do:

  1. Contact an instructor!
  2. Do you want to know who are instructors? Check the heading ‘instructeurs’ on the website.
  3. Make an appointment with the instructor to get a lesson.
  4. Sent an email to: opleiding@lagakari.nlwith when and with whom you are taking a lesson.

Are you a skipper and you want to go sailing? This is what you have to do:

  1. Contact the head of ZeilCie to check if you have permission to go sailing.
  2. Fill in the calendar on the website at which day you are going to sail.
    Fill in: your name, which boat you take.
  3. Go to UM-sport to get the harbour key and fill in the list at UM-sport.
  4. Enjoy your sailing!
  5. Make sure that you leave the boat and the container clean and correctly behind.
  6. Bring back the key to UM-sport and sign the list.


If you want to practice, study, or just remind yourself of all the useful knowledge that the theory evenings taught you, a google classroom is available with some resources on the theory of sailing. 
To access it click here.

CWO criteria

The CWO criteria are a national standard for sailing licences. Lagakari uses these criteria in training and examinating her members. Below you will find the demands for various disciplines and levels:

Kielboot (KB):

  • CWO 1 NL / EN
  • CWO 2 NL / EN
  • CWO 2+ (Lagakari internal level) NL / EN
  • CWO 3 NL / EN

Zwaardboot (ZB):

*Bron/Source: https://www.cwo.nl/disciplines-eisen/


Up for some sailing but not for a lesson? Totally possible! All you need to do is contact one of our ‘schippers’ and you’ll be on the water in no time! They’re listed below, sorted by discipline.

In this presentation you can find how to reserve boats or lessons!

Keelboat (KB):

  • Ezgim Mistikoglu 
  • Dorian Tamminga 
  • Ilke Eggen
  • Jasmijn Godding
  • Joanita van Santen
  • Kaat van der Leeuw
  • Mohit Nebhwani
  • Saskia van Ool
  • Siem Rijpstra
  • Simone Schouten
  • Stefan Raats
  • Wouter de Vries

Dinghy (ZB):

  • Arthur Goffinet (1-mans)
  • Alex Williams (1-mans)
  • Barbara Otto (1-mans)
  • Dorian Tamminga (1-mans)
  • Ezgim Mistikoglu (1-mans)
  • Kaat van der Leeuw (1-mans)
  • Leonor Veloso (1-mans)
  • Manon van Bussel (1-mans)
  • Mohit Nehbwani (1-mans)
  • Natalie Basler (1-mans)
  • Joanita van Santen (1-mans)
  • Wouter de Vries (1-mans)


Our fleet is a short 15 minute cycle from the university of Randwyck. It is located in Oost Maarland, in the harbour: Jachthaven Portfino. The harbour is also accessible by bus (Veolia City Bus 8 direction Eijsden, stop Catharinastraat)

The harbour is located at the far south end of the Grindgat, where not only we, but also other sailors and surfers spend their free time. The harbour has the necissary facillities as well as offering a place for our 9 boats, trailers and container.
It is the ideal spot for giving lessons by our experienced instructors, since you are on the grindgat within about 50 meters. Here is also our container with all our material, extra sails, masts, wetsuits etc.

Adres harbour:

Jachthaven Portofino
Kasteellaan 5
6245 SB, Eijsden

Matches 2020

Date: Competition Entry-level* Type of boats: Where: Type of race: Other/Extra info:
9 February DMTRA Winterseries Beginner Elliot 6 Medemblik Matchrace (+ teamrace) Individual or team sign-up (max. weight of team: 1800 kg)(6 teammembers)
29 March DMTRA Winterseries Beginner Elliot 6 Medemblik Matchrace (+ teamrace) Individual or team sign-up (max. weight of team: 1800 kg)(6 teammembers)
7& 8 March Slag om Delft N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
4&5 April Nestor Trophy 1 Beginner N/A N/A Teamrace Individual sign-up to wedstrijden@lagakari.nl
17-18-19 April Cafe race Beginner N/A N/A Fleetrace N/A 
16-17 May NSK team racing Beginner N/A Rotterdam Teamrace N/A
24 May ZOK Beginner Optimist N/A Fleetrace N/A 

* This is only an indication of the approximate level needed to participate in the race. Note that for team competitions at least one schipper is needed on board unless indicated otherwise.

** Understand that this level means that if you are a beginner in sailing you might not be able to participate fully or completely understand what is going (the latter counts for anyone who has never done the type of race before though)


Matchrace – An explosive match where you sail one against one and try to beat the other person by thinking tactically.

Teamrace – A tactical match where two against two are sailing, the point is for your boat not to be last.

Fleetrace – A match where a large group of boats all start at the same time and the goal is to finish as early as possible.



From the V.N.S.Z. Nestor – the umbrella organisation of the Dutch student sail associations – a yearly national competition of team sailing is organised for students. The Nestor Trophy. Each year a few matches are held and the Dutch companionship is organised. The matches take part in various places in the country. All match days cumulative determine a winner!


A few sundays a year, matches are organised by our sister association the Waolenwiert, sailed on our very own Grindgat. The easiest approachable of all matches. Both valk and laser are welcome!



One of our last matches, since the days are getting shorter, is the NSK (in other words: Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) in October. A big match on valks with 50 participating boats. There is room for both beginners as experienced sailors. And a student championship is not complete without a nice part!


Do you want to party on the water AND work hard with the sails, bomen and peddels on your valk? Or do you know of many other ways to perpetuate your boat without a motor? Than you have to be there at the Leidse Onderlinge on the Kagerplassen!


The Zuidelijke Optimsten Kampienschoep is organised by one of our own sister associations, and it is done in an Optimist. It is organised so you can get a feel for what a match is like, in collaboration with 3 of our sister associations in the Netherlands. You can join if you have got the basics down of sailing. A lot of fun, and of course, the day comes to an end with a delicious BBQ. Don’t hesitate, sign up! 🙂



From the day that Mayday existed, she has organised the Maydaymatch. The matchrace competition of the year!

Matchracing is a spectacular form of competition. It is a very tactile game, like chess on the water. The principle is simple: two boats against each other and the one who finishes first, wins.

The NSK matchracing has two classes. The beginning sailors (silverfleet), as well as the advanced sailors (goldfleet). Everyone is welcome! You sail with three people per team. Next to that, Nicolaas Mulerious will be present: a nice add-on for the advanced drinker…

If you take part in the matches, you can earn points for the match league! So join, and win the Lagakari cup!

For questions, send an email to: wedstrijden@lagakari.nl

U kunt onze “privacy policy” vinden op www.lagakari.nl/policy