If you’re an advanced sailor, or have never sat on a boat before, with Lagakari everyone is welcome. The education committee is always ready for you, helping you to reach the next level. Lagakari therefore offers multiple different lessons to our members in return for a small contribution.

Keel boat or dinghy
Lagakari is in possesions of multiple boats for different disciplines. DO you enjoy staying dry, then the keel boat is for you. Are you more excited by speed and the occasional swimming? Then the dinghy is for you.

Internal lessons
At Lagakari, there are both internal as external lessons offered. The internal lessons are given by experienced sailors within our association. They are ready to help you in the sailing world. The internal lessons are beginner lessons, level 1 lessons. They are given on both keel boat as dinghy.

External lessons
The lessons for the advanced levels (2 and 3) are given at external sailing schools. The sailing schools can give you an official sailing certificate, valid in the Netherlands. Sadly, the certificates given by Lagakari are only valid within Lagakari. The external sailing school is situated in Roermond, very close to Maastricht. Lagakari also has connections to other sailing schools. The external sailing lessons are for both keel boat as dinghy (level 2 and 3).

Lagakari Instructor Week (LIW)

During the mos exciting sailing week that Lagakari organizes, the Lagakari Instructor Week, there are lot’s of lessons given by our instructors on the Morra lake in Friesland. This year the LIW is from 1-5 may 2020.

Want to give lessons? Become an instructor
Do you have a sailing level 3 when you join Lagakari? Or have you gotten your level 3 within Lagakari? Then you can become an instructor. For this, Lagakari has the instructor course, where you can learn beginning students how to sail. Lot’s of fun! And being an instructor also has it’s perks, such as the exclusive instructor weekend!!

Theory evenings
Because sailing is a real summer sport, there is no sailing during the winter. However we still want to learn something, which is why there are theory evenings organized. The participation of the theory evenings is completely free. Many different subjects will be taught: from beginner theory to priority rules, knots and match theory.

If you have any questions about the lessons, the instructors course or th theory evenings, you can email opleiding@lagakari.nl.

Just having fun
Do you just want to have a bit of fun with some drinks and snacks? That’s also possible. To be allowed to take a Lagakari boat on your own, you have to have the right sailing level. If you do not have this, you can always ask a schipper. Just let them know and you can bring some people along!

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