If you want to go sailing and are not a skipper yourself, you can do so by finding a skipper to go with you. You can do this by asking in the Lagakari group chat, or by contacting them directly. You will find a list of skippers in the group chat description. You can also go sailing by becoming a skipper yourself by getting assessed and/or taking lessons!

You can get a lesson by contacting, who will put you in contact with an instructor. A lesson with an instructor costs €2,50.

Our instructors give proper lessons and make sure to teach the requirements of the level you want to obtain.

If you want to practise sailing, you can go with a skipper which will cost you nothing. 

You can also join the weekends that we organize in Friesland. They are very fun and intense weekends full of sailing and drinking. Everyone can join regardless of their sailing experience.

Check our weekend page to get more information!

Sailing Certificates



This certificate can be earned internally and will only be valid within Lagakari.



This certificate can be earned within Lagakari or through external lessons (depending on the availability).

CWO 2+


This certificate can only be earned within Lagakari and means you can take other members sailing with you anytime as long as the boats are available.



This certificate makes you an instructor within Lagakari and can only be earned through external lessons. It is valid throughout the Netherlands.

Kielboot (KB):

  • CWO 1 NL / EN
  • CWO 2 NL / EN
  • CWO 2+ (Lagakari internal level) NL / EN
  • CWO 3 NL / EN

Zwaardboot (ZB):



Internal Lessons

These are lessons given by instructors from the association (CWO 3) and will help you reach CWO 1, 2, and 2+. They cost €2,50 per lesson.

  • These are lessons given by certified instructors that are able to award certificates valid throughout the Netherlands. 
  • The external lessons take place in Roermond in which Lagakari subsidizes almost 90% of the costs of these lessons.

Sailing level assessment

We organize assessment days in which our instructors determine your sailing levels. If you have a sufficient level of sailing knowledge, you can get your skipper level (CWO 2+). If not, you can improve by taking lessons.