“35th Board Njord” ~2020-2021 ~ of M.S.Z.V. Lagakari



Nea Mikkelä

Dear Lagakarians,

 My name is Nea and I will be your President in the upcoming year! I am a second year law student here in Maastricht and this will also be my second year in the association as well. 

 I have so many precious memories of sailing in my childhood, and that was originally the reason I was convinced to join this association.  Although I’ve had a bit of a break from sailing in the past years I am more than excited to get back to it and improve my skills on sailing whether it’s sunny or pouring rain (more likely the latter…). 

 I am also stoked about taking on the tasks of the President and therefore I would very much like to hear about your feedback and ideas on how to keep on improving our association, whenever you have some on your mind.  I really hope we can make this a great year together! I’ll see you all on the water or at the online drinks!


Anne Braakman

Hey Lagakarians!

 My name is Anne and I am the secretary of Lagakari this year. I am currently in my second year of European Studies (yes, at McFasos) and I joined this beautiful association last spring (worst timing ever).

I have been sailing with my family on the Frisian lakes since I was fourteen, but I’ve never had actual lessons, so I’m hoping to get them here, and possibly earn some CWOs as well. Besides that, I hope to have a lot of fun online and in real life with cool people this year, and of course to do a good job as secretary! If you ever have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you soon online, on the water or at the Dikke!


To be announced!

Head of the Publicity Committee

Alissia Devreux

Hello everyone!

My name is Alissia Devreux and I will be the head of Pubcie this year.

I am originally from Rome and this is going to be my second year in Maastricht and in Lagakari. I study Biomedical Sciences at the faculty of health, medicine and life sciences.

I actually had zero to none experience in sailing before I joined the association, but since then I have had the opportunity to enjoy sailing multiple times and hopefully will have several other opportunities to do it again with you. I am really excited to start this new year, that already promises to be quite unusual, with all of you!

I hope to see you all on Zoom and, as soon as possible, in real life as well! 

Head of ZeilCie

Mathias Leclercq

Ahoi you lubbers! 

My name is Mathias and I’ll be the head of ZeilCie this year. With my crew we will be responsible for the fleet and harbour maintenance. Everything will be done so that you can enjoy your time on the pond. Of course your help will be appreciated: If something is missing/broken or you have suggestions please let me know!

It’s my second year in the association but I have always spent a lot of time next and on the water. I mainly sail beach catamarans on which I take part in competitions. I have also been teaching how to sail on them for several years. I have less experience on monohulls but I will gain it (with my CWO’s). Btw I’m following EU studies.

Let Njord guide us through the shallow corona water. Hope to see you on the water soon!


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