“34th Board Argo” ~2019-2020 ~ of M.S.Z.V. Lagakari



Dorian Wevers

Dear Lagakariërs,

My name is Dorian and I’m the President of Lagakari for this year. I think it’s great that I can contribute to this ‘gezellige’ and sporty association.
This is my second year in Maastricht and in the association. I study Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Maastricht. I love to (learn how to) sail, but I also enjoy spending time at a boat (especially in the sun!)
As board we are open for all your feedback and ideas. We want Lagakari to be a place for everyone. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail or talk to me at the drinks.
I hope we can have a great sailing year together. Lagakari voor de wind!



Jasmijn Godding

Ahoy Sailors,

My name is Jasmijn Godding and I am the secretary of Lagakari for this year! I’m from a small village in Brabant called Gemert, and since 2018, I study Liberal Arts and Sciences (yes one of those hippies) here in Maastricht. I became a member of Lagakari about a year ago and am really enjoying myself so far, although I do need to brush up my sailing skills still… When I was younger, both of my grandpa’s had sailing boats and I would go sailing with them, which are some really great memories. Besides that, I became friends with people from a sailing college who have shown me how awesome sailing (and the drinking aspect of it) is! My goal for this year is to get my CWO 3, so I will finally be able to sail a boat by myself. However, an even more important goal is to do my job as secretary as good as possible, so if you ever have any questions, ideas or anything else you want to share, you know where you have to be ;). 

See ya on the water (or in the Dikke), mates



Bas Putman

Hello everyone!

I am Bas Putman and I will be the treasurer of the association upcoming year! This means I will take care of the financial side of Lagakari. I study European Law, and I am starting my second year in Maastricht now. I enjoyed being outside and on the water since I was a child! I joined Lagakari this year, and don’t have any sailing experience actually. But I am really excited to work on that next year and get some certificates. I hope to see you soon on one of our boats or at the drinks!


Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Jonathan Mertens

Hello Lagakarians,

 My name is Jonathan Mertens and this year I am commissioner of internal affairs, vice-president, head of Wesp, and co-head of Accie. I am from Lanaken (just across the Belgian border) and after living in a few different places, I finally ended up in Maastricht for the master’s in health education and Promotion. Next to this, I’m also following an evening course to become a certified lifestyle coach. Back in the days, I started sailing in a valk together with my little brother and my parents. Then, I also obtained my CWO 1. After this, I continued sailing in a dinghy for which I managed to obtain CWO 3. Unfortunately, this was approximately 10 years ago and so, I saw the perfect opportunity to pick up sailing again through Lagakari! Now, I’m in my second year as a member of Lagakari and hopefully I can go sailing even more than last year. Hopefully I’ll see you soon on the water! 


Head of ZeilCie

Stefan Raats


My name is Stefan Raats and I am the head of ZeilCie this year. This means that I, along with my committee, will make sure that our fleet and materials are in tip top condition! A little bit about myself: I am 19 years old and I am studying biomedical sciences (2nd year). I did not have any sailing experience when I came to Maastricht, however, I was immediately hooked after one open sailing afternoon during the inkom. When I am not in the harbour for maintenance, I am taking a sailing lesson with one of our Schippers, to improve my levels as much as I can. 

Together we will, with the wind in our sails, make it a great year!

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