In order to run the association, there is a variety of permanent and temporary committees who organize things for the members of Lagakari. Here, we would like to introduce the four permanent committees.


AcCie is the Activity Committee of Lagakari, where all the non-sailing related activities are planned.

How does Accie contribute to Lagakari?

AcCie is responsible for organising non-sailing related activities. The committee gives an opportunity for members to get to know each other and have fun together. We organise all kinds of things like, halloween charades, cycling cocktails or even pub quizzes. 

What do you do in the committee? 

Members of this committee meet once every two weeks to come up and plan activities, have dinner and drink. The biggest event AcCie plans every year is the Dies Diner to celebrate the birthday of our association. 

Who is a good fit for AcCie?

If you like coming up with fun activities and organising events for a lot of people you are a perfect fit for AcCie! 

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PubCie is the Publications Committee of Lagakari, where we promote events and reflect on them through our newsletters and social media.

How does PubCie contribute to Lagakari?

PubCie documents all Lagakari events and adventures to ensure that they become part of our legacy. Through our Reefknuttels, the Smoelenboek, and our social media, we unite all members of Lagakari and promote our spirit. We also keep track of all your gossip and provide you with amazing merchandise to show off your Lagakari pride.

What do you do in the committee? 

The members of PubCie meet once every two weeks to recap and document everything that has happened, both in terms of events and gossip! We usually have dinner or drinks together, and plan our upcoming publications. Our big projects are the Reefknuttels (4x a year), our Smoelenboek (once a year), and Lagakari merchandise orders.

Who is a good fit for PubCie?

Anyone who enjoys writing, designing, and/or photography is a great fit for PubCie! Above all, being part of PubCie is a great way to get to know all the members of Lagakari.

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OpCie is the education committee within Lagakari. Our color is blue. It is the most important committee within the association!!

How does OpCie contribute to Lagakari?

OpCie ensures members can do what they joined the association for: sail! We assess members’ sailing levels, and offer both external and internal lessons. In the off season, we hold regular theory evenings. This is all done to ensure members’ sailing level is the best it can be…

What do you do in the committee? 

In the off season, OpCie organizes regular theory evenings which cover the very basics of sailing to race theory! When the weather warms, OpCie is in charge of organizing sailing lessons within Lagakari, in addition to external lessons in Roermond. As a member of this committee, you get to discuss how our budget is spent, how we maintain the level of sailing knowledge within the association, how we train instructors, as well as presenting theory evenings!!

Who is a good fit for OpCie?

A good fit for OpCie is someone who is not afraid to share their opinion! There is often a lot to discuss, and difficult decisions have to be made. That is why we need as much input as possible!!

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The ZeilCie makes sure we can all go sailing, either in Friesland or here in Maastricht on het Grindgat. We take care of cleaning, the harbour, maintenance and safety. This means making sure the boats are always ready to sail.
Does this sound like fun to you? And do you have a clear idea of what the fleet should look like? Or do you want to learn more about the fleet and how to take care of it? Let us know! You can either help in the committee or just with maintenance, but every new idea is welcome! This way we keep the boats sailing.

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WeSp is the Workaction- and Sponsorship committee of our association. Their colour is black and yellow. The committee is the only Dutch-only committee due to communication requirements.

How does WeSp contribute to Lagakari?

The committee organizes at least four workactions each year, these workactions are on a volunteering basis where we try to contribute something to the city of Maastricht. Examples of workactions are: helping the organizations of The André Rieu Concerts, cleaning the Maas river and assisting the MECC horse jumping event. They also try to find sponsorships for the organization to aid financially.

What do you do in the committee? 

Once every two weeks we meet, have a drink and discuss the possible new workactions and sponsorships.

Who is a good fit for WeSp?

If you have a good sense of humour, formality, speak Dutch and are communicative, do consider joining the committee.

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