Sailtechnical Committee
The Sailtechnical Committee (ZeilCie) takes care of all sailing-related issues within the association. This means buying, hiring, selling and maintaining the fleet. But also making sure there are enough skippers and boats on sailing afternoons and weekends.

The ZeilCie makes sure we can all go sailing, either in Friesland or here in Maastricht on het Grindgat. Whitin the committee tasks are distributed. For the matches we have a competition commissioner, for teaching and lessons we have a training committee. The rest of the committee takes care of our boats and harbour. This means making sure the boats are ready to sail.

Does this sound like fun to you? And do you have a clear idea of what the fleet should look like? Let us know! You can either help in the committee or just maintaining.This way we keep the boats sailing.

Head Committee: Stefan Raats
Committee members: Joanita van Santen, Joash Datta, Leonard Spielberg, Mathias Leclercq, Alissia Devreux, Felix Scheuer, Leonoor Verbaan

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Education Committee

The OpCie, or education committee, is responsible for the sailing level and skipperspool of the association. It makes sure lessons are being given and the level of knowledge and skill amongst members is sufficient. This committee is also responsible for the training of

It includes the WedCie, or match commissary, which is responsible for all matters concerning racing.

Head OpCie: Joanita van Santen
Committee members: Inge Vliex, Jasper van de Nieuwenhuijzen, Marcel Rooms, Wouter de Vries, Marrit  Eulen, Ilke Eggen, Dorian Wevers, Dorian Tamminga, Jaap Vergouwen, Sophie Ruppert, Simone Schouten

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Publicity Committee
The Publicity Committee (PubCie) makes sure everybody knows about Lagakari, in a good way of course. Clearly our members know we have a very social and nice associating which organizes amazing sailing weekends and lessons. We also want this to be known outside the association. Together with the workgroup sponsoring (WeSp) we take care of the sponsors. Also we are responsible for the website, promote (sailing) activities with posters, flyers and stickers and make sure the associations magazine: ‘De Reeknuttel’ and the yearly ‘Smoelenboek’ are made. You can not avoid being photographed by PubCie members every once in a while.

Does this sound like fun to you? Let us know! Then you can get the possiblity to support this committee.

Head PubCie: Alissia Devreux
Committee members: Abigael Kervyn, Angeniet Helwig, Ann Sophie Lauterbach, Claudie Moreau, Didier de Loo, Emma Severens, Fanta Kouyate, Helena Dragu, Jan Kieras, Laura Smith, Nea Mikkela, Niklas Wenzel

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Activities Committee

The Activities Committee (AcCie) invents and organizes all non-sailing activities within Lagakari. Because apart from sailing, we also do a lot of fun things together. Especially during the cold winter period the AcCie provides an extensive program to keep the members occupied when there is no possibility for sailing. But also during spring a lot of activities are organized to enlarge bonding and have fun together. Examples of activities are: theme party’s, “Sinterklaas” evening, our yearly Lagakari anniversary dinner, Valentines day, beer or wine tastings.

Does this sound like fun to you? Let us know! Then you can get the possibility to support this committee.

Head AcCie Lotte Salzmann
Committee members: Kolja Adam, Kim O’Niel, Anita Knochelman, Julia Wedrychowska, Ruth Bierkens, Diewertje van Dijk, Thijmen Burk, Jeske de Vries

AcCie mail

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LIW Committee
Every year Lagakari organizes a fantastic sailing week in Friesland, the Lagakari Education Week (LIW). This amazing week is organized by a special committee, the LIWcie. This committee is formed in October and will work from then until the week after the LIW, which takes place in May. The LIWcie takes care of the accommodation, the boats, the theme, setting up a fun program for our members and of course the subscriptions for the LIW.

Head of the committee: –
Committee members: –

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INTRO Committee
During the INKOM Lagakari is very active in promoting our association and of course in setting up a fun week for our members as well . To organize all these promo activities there is an INTRO committie, the INTROcie. This committee is responsible for organizing Lagakari activities on the sports event, the choice activity and taking care of our promo material. They will make sure the INKOM is a week you will never forget.

Head of the committee: –
Committee members: –

Does this sound like fun to you? Let us know! Then you can get the possiblity to support this committee or our activities in general on the INKOM.



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