Board Mosae 2022 - 2023

In 2022-2023, Lagakari is ran by the 37th Board “Mosae”.

Michiel Rosmuller


Hey Lagakarians!

My name is Michiel and I am the current president of Lagakari. I am from Switzerland and the Netherlands, and am currently studying medicine. I’ve been sailing for as long as I can remember around the Netherlands, Switzerland and the ocean. When I first came to study here I was surprised to learn Maastricht had its very own sailing association. Little did I know that’s where I would meet some amazing people and make friends for life!

Sailing has become such a big part of my life because it’s something I can do to clear my head, have fun with friends, be competitive, explore unknowns, push myself to the limit and be active. What more could you want out of a sport!

I am so excited to lead the association together with my amazing board. Feel free to contact me about everything and anything related to Lagakari (you can find my contact details on the website)

Lucia Llerena


Hi, my name is Lucia Llerena and I’m the Secretary and Vice President of Lagakari. I am from Lima, Perú and I’m currently studying Circular Engineering at Maastricht University.

I’ve been a professional sailing athlete for almost 10 years in Windsurf, and during the last year at a national level on Snipe Class. As you can see, sailing is a huge part of me, and I would not have been able to study in Maastricht if I didn’t knew there was a sailing association😅 So joining Lagakari was one of the first things I did, and now I’m so happy to also being able to be part of the Board.

Sailing has always let me know amazing people, and this time is no difference. Therefore I know you all will be able to create long lasting friendships, learn to sail and enjoy activities with us.

Pd: Always remember, you can not control the wind and waves, but you can adjust the sails 🙂

Jolijn Hekma Wierda


Hi everyone,

I’m Jolijn Hekma Wierda, a Dutch third year Biomedical Sciences bachelor Student. This year, I will be the treasurer for Lagakari. I’m very excited to be in the board this year and help the association by managing its finances.

I started and have fallen in love with sailing at 8 years old, when I joined a week long sailing camp in the summer. When I moved to Maastricht for my studies, I discovered there was an sailing association and I had to join.

I really enjoy the mix of people you can meet within this association and I am looking forward to the many sailing afternoons, weekly drinks and karaoke nights this year!

Lexi L'homme

Head of PubCie


I’m Lexi L’homme and I am the Head of PubCie. I am from Belgium and I study European Law here in Maastricht.

I started sailing when I was young with my dad and I’ve gone sailing every opportunity I’ve had. Joining Lagakari has given me the chance to finally get proper levels and go sailing on a more regular basis as well as getting to know new people and making new friends!

I hope to see you all on the water soon! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!

Leon Grot

Head of ZeilCie

Hey (future) Lagakarians!

I am Leon, a second year Master student in Artificial Intelligence from Germany. This year, I am happy to be Lagakari’s Head of ZeilCie. As such, I am taking care of all our boats and other material in the harbour.

A bit more than two years ago I started sailing in the student sailing association in Aachen where I did my Bachelor. When I planned my move to Maastricht, I was very excited when I discovered Lagakari! I immediately felt super welcome and really enjoy the mix of sailing and ‘gezelligheid’, as you would say in Dutch.

About sailing, I really love being outside and doing something very different from studying and working. Being on the water is the perfect way for me to relax and clear my mind, especially with great people and nice music.

I am really excited for my board year and hope to do my bit to keep Lagakari as great as it is and look forward to work together and have fun with my amazing committee and board. Hope to see you soon, on the water or on shore!

Sarah Lentz

Head of OpCie


I am Sarah, I am from Luxembourg and I am in my third year of biomedical sciences. This year I am the head of OpCie. I only sailed once in my life before I joined the association a year ago, however I loved it. Last year I learned a lot on how to sail (in theory and in practice) and I found my passion for it. I am looking forward to sail a lot this year and hopefully also improve my sailing levels. I hope all of you are as excited as me for a year full of sailing and lessons!

I hope to sea you!


To run the association, the board is supported by a number of committees. On the committees page, you can find further information about then.

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