Board Orion 2021 - 2022

In 2021-2022, Lagakari is ran by the 36th Board “Orion”.

Ezgim Mistikoglu


Dear Lagakarians,

My name is Ezgim and I am the president of Lagakari. I am from Turkey and I’m a second-year psychology student at UM. Since 9 years old I’ve been on a boat, sailing and racing passionately. Through the years, I started to think like a sailor. I realized the power of nature and how it makes all individuals equal at sea. The wind and waves don’t care about reputation or wealth or the followers you have on Instagram 🙂 What matters is the respect towards nature. I also realized that instead of fighting against the rough conditions, it is possible to set your sails differently, and all will be well eventually. The mindset of a sailor helped me in different ways and at some point, sailing became my lifestyle. That’s why Lagakari felt like home when I first joined the association :). I’m so glad to have the opportunity to contribute to a sailing association. As you already noticed it means a lot to me 🙂 I hope to learn a lot from all of you and I wish to have an incredible journey.

p.s. You can find my contact details on the website. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for everything Lagakari related.

Barbara Otto


I’m Barbara Otto, a Belgian second-year biomedical sciences student. I will also be Lagakari’s secretary for this year 🙂 I have been sailing for about 5 years now. I started learning in Belgium but really wanted to continue with this passion when I moved to Maastricht. That’s why I joined Lagakari, and I haven’t regretted the decision ever since. I believe sailing is a very special hobby that can be enjoyed in so many different ways, from the very adrenaline-inducing laser to the chilled, laid-back valk. Getting to enjoy the company of fellow sailors during the activities/drinks or other occasions adds the cherry on top!

I’m looking forward to focusing this interest on helping our association this year. Hopefully I will be able to share this energy with many people through my contribution to Lagakari. Looking forward to enjoying this year with you 🙂

Andreea Somesan


Hello Everyone! I’m Andreea Somesan, I’m from Romania and I’m a first-year bachelor student in Biomedical Sciences. I am your treasurer for next year and I’m excited to be in charge of managing the money of the association. I have always wanted to play a part in shaping a community and I’m really happy that I can do that in Lagakari. I have no previous experience with boats so if you sail with me, you are definitely going to see me get confused several times. Despite all that, I love being on the water and especially eating cookies while on the boat. I’m an introvert so it is quite hard for me to be the heart of the party right from the start, but buy me a few tequila shots and you’ll definitely see me dancing it out on the dance floor.

Hope to have a great year having fun on and off the boat with you Lagakarians!

Ece Karamagara

Head of PubCie


I am Ece and I am the head of PubCie. I am in my first year in business engineering and my second year in Lagakari. I am from Turkey, and I have been a sailor since I was 10. I started to sail with my father and joining his races by just sitting in the cabin 🙂 I loved it so much that I started training as a racer. Then, I raced myself too with optimist, laser and 420. Joining this association gave me the opportunity to continue my passion and learn to sail on bigger boats. Hopefully, we will all have many chances to go sailing and have fun together! Don’t hesitate to contact me about your questions with the association 🙂

Evi van Gorp

Head of ZeilCie

Hee everyone!

My name is Evi and this is my second year in Maastricht and in the association. This year I will be the head of ZeilCie. As a child I used to go sailing with my dad and I think that’s where my love for water started (even though as a kid I was always afraid to walk over the floating piers haha:). I really like it to be in/around/on the water and when I have the chance you can find me there. Since I’m in the association I try to learn as much as possible, not only about sailing, but also about the boats and how to take care of them. I’m really looking forward to maintaining our fleet and harbour this year together with my committee!

Hope to see you soon in the harbour!

Btw, you’re always welcome to help and share your knowledge with us 😉

Leonor Veloso

Head of AcCie

I’m Leonor and I will be head of AcCie this year so, together with the rest of the committee, we will make sure that everybody has a good time, outside of sailing. I’m in the second year of my bachelor, Maastricht Science Programme, and this is also my second year in the association. I grew up in Portugal where my family taught me how to sail (I have more experience in lasers and 420s), so I decided to join the association so I could continue to learn sailing in different boats. I had a lot of fun last year and I want to make this one even better, I am looking forward to improving my CWO levels and maybe help some of you achieve yours!

I’m very excited for this year and I can’t wait to meet you all, on the water or at an activity!


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