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You can become a member of Lagakari during one of our two annual intro periods. The first one is from Inkom until the end of September, and the second is our spring introduction period. If you want to become a member but still have some questions don’t hesitate to send us a mail or contact us on social media. We are always happy to hear from enthusiast potential members!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Are you interested in becoming a Lagakari member? Come and meet us! Every Thursday evening at 22:00 , you can find us at De Dikke Dragonder.

To become a member costs  €85,-  for a year (during the spring introduction in April €50,-) and you need to have a UM SPORTS Membership ”Sports”. You can get the UM Membership ‘Sports” in the UM webshop or at the sport centre at Randwyck.

When you are a Lagakari member, you are able to:

  • Participate in all our activities
  • Join our incredible weekends and weeks, like the ‘Bikkelweekend’ and the LIW(Lagakari Instruction week)
  • Join sailing lessons, internally and externally
  • Use all our boats (when you have enough experience)
  • Go to our theoretical evenings (6 times a year)
  • You’ll receive our clubmagizine ‘De reefknuttel’ 3– 4 times a year
  • You’ll receive our ‘Smoelenboek’ once a year
  • Become an active member by joining one of our many committies
  • Join a lot of student sailing championships all over the Netherlands.

Are you interested in becoming a member or do you have any questions? Send an email to

Q & A

INKOM will be different than previous years. Nevertheless, we want to give you the opportunity to get answers to all your questions about sailing at M.S.Z.V. Lagakari.

Below, you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, do not hesitate to send an email to

How big is the association? 

Lagakari is an association of about 80 members, of which approximately 50% are international. The members from Lagakari come from lots of different studies. Everyone is welcome at Lagakari! 

Do you need to possess sailing skills and knowledge in order to become a member of M.S.Z.V. Lagakari? 

No, not at all! Some members have been sailing all their lives, while others get on a boat for the first time during one of our open sailing afternoons. At Lagakari, you can get sailing lessons within the association. In addition, we send our members on external lessons to obtain their CWOs (sailing diplomas). It is also possible, with or without experience, to join a team to one of many sailing competitions throughout the Netherlands.

If you already have a lot of sailing experience, you can become an instructor within the association and/or develop your sailing skills even further.

How often can you sail and how does scheduling work?

Throughout the year, various sailing weekends are organized by the association. For example, in November you can participate in the “Bikkel Weekend” and in May you can get extra lessons during the “Lagakari Instruction Weekend”. In addition, during the sailing season, several lesson weekends are organized in Maastricht by the Education Committee.

During the year, you can sail on the ‘Grindgat’ of the Maas. From the moment that you have a certain sailing level, you can take a boat yourself to go sailing. Until you achieve this level, you can plan lessons with the various instructors within the association. How this works exactly can be found on the website under “lessons” 

In addition to the sailing activities of the association, other associations organize various tours and competitions where Lagakari participates, such as the Nestor Trophies and the Cafe Race.

What other activities are there besides sailing?

In addition to sailing, we have drinks every Thursday evening from 22:00 at “De Dikke Dragonder”. In addition, our activity committee, the AcCie, organizes various non-sailing related activities such as the Dies Dinner, a beer tasting, game nights and other fun activities.

Are there any obligations and if so, which ones?

We hope to see you often when you join Lagakari, but the choice is yours. There are no mandatory weekends or drinks. We do ask, however, that you commit yourself to the association once a year during a work action.

Do you have a hazing?

No, Lagakari has no hazing.

However, every year, we go to Friesland during the last weekend of September for the introduction weekend. During this weekend, we sail through Friesland. We close the evenings with a party. During this fun weekend, you get to know the members and the association better without a hazing. For some, this is the last moment to decide if they want to join Lagakari. You do not have to be a member yet to participate in the introduction weekend.

The introduction weekend will look different this year. How different exactly, we will let you know.

How high is the contribution?

At Lagakari, you pay a contribution of 86 euros for an annual membership. Half-year members (autumn or spring) pay 50 euros for half a year.

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