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“34th Board Argo” ~2019-2020 ~ of M.S.Z.V. Lagakari


Dorian Wevers

Dear Lagakariërs,

My name is Dorian and I’m the President of Lagakari for this year. I think it’s great that I can contribute to this ‘gezellige’ and sporty association.
This is my second year in Maastricht and in the association. I study Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Maastricht. I love to (learn how to) sail, but I also enjoy spending time at a boat (especially in the sun!)
As board we are open for all your feedback and ideas. We want Lagakari to be a place for everyone. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail or talk to me at the drinks.
I hope we can have a great sailing year together. Lagakari voor de wind!



Jasmijn Godding

Ahoy Sailors,

My name is Jasmijn Godding and I am the secretary of Lagakari for this year! I’m from a small village in Brabant called Gemert, and since 2018, I study Liberal Arts and Sciences (yes one of those hippies) here in Maastricht. I became a member of Lagakari about a year ago and am really enjoying myself so far, although I do need to brush up my sailing skills still… When I was younger, both of my grandpa’s had sailing boats and I would go sailing with them, which are some really great memories. Besides that, I became friends with people from a sailing college who have shown me how awesome sailing (and the drinking aspect of it) is! My goal for this year is to get my CWO 3, so I will finally be able to sail a boat by myself. However, an even more important goal is to do my job as secretary as good as possible, so if you ever have any questions, ideas or anything else you want to share, you know where you have to be ;). 

See ya on the water (or in the Dikke), mates


Bas Putman

Hello everyone!

I am Bas Putman and I will be the treasurer of the association upcoming year! This means I will take care of the financial side of Lagakari. I study European Law, and I am starting my second year in Maastricht now. I enjoyed being outside and on the water since I was a child! I joined Lagakari this year, and don’t have any sailing experience actually. But I am really excited to work on that next year and get some certificates. I hope to see you soon on one of our boats or at the drinks!

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Jonathan Mertens

Hello Lagakarians,

 My name is Jonathan Mertens and this year I am commissioner of internal affairs, vice-president, head of Wesp, and co-head of Accie. I am from Lanaken (just across the Belgian border) and after living in a few different places, I finally ended up in Maastricht for the master’s in health education and Promotion. Next to this, I’m also following an evening course to become a certified lifestyle coach. Back in the days, I started sailing in a valk together with my little brother and my parents. Then, I also obtained my CWO 1. After this, I continued sailing in a dinghy for which I managed to obtain CWO 3. Unfortunately, this was approximately 10 years ago and so, I saw the perfect opportunity to pick up sailing again through Lagakari! Now, I’m in my second year as a member of Lagakari and hopefully I can go sailing even more than last year. Hopefully I’ll see you soon on the water! 

Head of ZeilCie

Stefan Raats


My name is Stefan Raats and I am the head of ZeilCie this year. This means that I, along with my committee, will make sure that our fleet and materials are in tip top condition! A little bit about myself: I am 19 years old and I am studying biomedical sciences (2nd year). I did not have any sailing experience when I came to Maastricht, however, I was immediately hooked after one open sailing afternoon during the inkom. When I am not in the harbour for maintenance, I am taking a sailing lesson with one of our Schippers, to improve my levels as much as I can. 

Together we will, with the wind in our sails, make it a great year!

Old Boards

Board Navita 2018-2019

President: Dorian Tamminga
Secretary: Leonoor Verbaan
Treasurer: Dorian Wevers
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Joanita van Santen
Head of the Publicity Committee : Hanna Simpson
Head of the Activity Committee: Claudia Miguel Sanz

  • Head of the Educational Committee : Max Mustsaers

Board Fluctus 2017-2018

President: Inge Vliex
Secretary: Rana Schreurs
Treasurer: Jasper van de Nieuwenhuijzen
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Mohit Nebhwani
Head of the Publicity Committee: Didier De Loo
Head of the Activity Committee: Jeske de Vries 

  • Head of the Educational Committee: Marcel Rooms

Board Planée 2016-2017

President: Crissy Rudolphi
Secratery: Marle Poppelaars
Treasurer: Elaine Albers
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Marrit Eulen
Head of the Publicity Committee: Max Mutsaers
Head of the Activity Committee: Saskia van Ool

  • Head of the Educational Committee: Marrit Eulen

Board Ventus Novus 2015-2016

President: Juul Kuster
Secretary: Annemieke Hummel
Treasurer: Madelon Mars
Head of the Sail Technical Committee Zeiltechnischecommissie: Sidney Voerman
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Angeniet Helwig

  • Head of the Publicity Committee: Lisa Vrolijk
  • Head of the Activity Committee: Charley Morrison
  • Head of the Educational Committee: Marrit Eulen

Board Aeolus 2014-2015
President: Christina Schachner
Secretary: Meeri Sellevis Smitt
Treasurer: Anne Böttcher
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Jacques Montet

  • Head of the Educational Committee: Wouter de Vries
  • Head of the Activity Committee: Nathalie Heijkoop
  • Head of the Publicity Committee: Jack van den Berg

Board Beaufort 2013-2014
President Jeroen Custers
Secretary: Annemieke Naber
Treausurer: Emma Boswinkel

  • Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Bart Bulté
  • Head of the Activity Committee: Anne Cuijpers
  • Head of the Publicity Committee: Harriëtte Vermeulen

Board Bezaanschoot Aan 2012-2013
President: Anouk Smits
Secretary: Iris Jans
Treasurer: Peter Spikmans
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Elizabeth de Nijs
Head of the Activity Committee: Odette Haije
Head of the Publicity Committee: Valérie Maxime van Doorn

Board Bezeild 2011-2012
President: José van den Driessche
Secretary: Tinka Koster
Treasurer: Bianca van Rees
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Gaston Depondt
Head of the Activity Committee: Femke Daemen
Head of the Publicity Committee: Carlijn Thijssen

Board Klapgijp 2010-2011
President: Martijn van Boetzelaer
Secretary: Iris Burhorst
Treasurer: Fenne Mahieu
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Joost van Griethuysen

Board Buiswater 2009-2010
President: Johanna Gröne
Secretary / Vice-voorzitter: Julia Doets
Treasurer: Simone Strüss
General Board member : Katrin Berkemeyer
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Joost van Griethuysen
Head of the Activity Committee: Loes Hoogveld
Head of the Publicity Committee: Elise

Board Frisse Wind 2008-2009
President: Anne Hendrikx
Secretary: Leonie van der Meer Mohr
Treasurer: Kerstin Maaß
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Gaston Depondt
Head of the Activity Committee: Maartje Willeboordse
Head of the Publicity Committee: Leonie van der Meer Mohr

Board RechtDoorZee 2007-2008
President: Ime Hüsken
Secretary / Vice-president: Mariëlla Schreur
Treasurer: Klaus Bongartz / Kerstin Maaß
Head of the Activity Committee: Maaike Groenewoudt
Head of the Publicity Committee: Dominique Sleijpen / Leonie van der Meer Mohr

Board Waterproof! 2006-2007
President: Charlotte Hakkers
Secretary / Vice-President: Aniek Rooderkerken
Treasurer: Teun Schendzielorz
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Karoline Otting / Ime Hüsken
Head of the Activity Committee: Saskia Smeets / Maud Berendsen
Head of the Publicity Committee: Ilse ter Linden

Board Ruimschoots 2005-2006
President: Willeke Kleinjan
Secretary/ Vice-President: Sascha Winkel / Maud Berendsen
Treasurer: Hub Stolker
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Caroline van de Lagemaat
Head of the Activity Committee: Elisabeth Wunderle

Board 2004-2005
President: Jantine Jonker
Secretary/Vice-President: Annick van Kollenburg
Treasurer: Lars Kalter
Head of the Sail Technical Committee Zeiltechnische commissie: Franka Hoekstra
Head of Publicity Committee: Liesbeth Keij

Board 2003-2004
President: Eline Bolderman
Secretary / Vice-President: Titia Rietema
Treasurer: Anne Zonnenberg
Head of the Activity Committee: Arnoud Dingemans
Head of the Publicity Committee: Marjolijn Streppel

Board 2002-2003
President: Tobias Oversteegen
Secretary/ Vice-voorzitter: Martine Grootenboer
Treasurer: Nienke de Haan
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Eva van de Pol
Head of the Activity Committee: Maartje Speksnijder
Head of the Publicity Committee: Anne Grit

Board 2001-2002
President: Ester Merckel
Secretary/Vice-President: Erwin Geuskens
Treasurer: Ellen Starmans
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Arjo Boendermaker
Head of the Activity Committee: Marlies van Spijk
Head of the Publicity Committee: Roelien Dekker

Board 2000-2001
President: Wouter Visser
Secretary/Vice-President: Charlotte Sinke
Treasurer: Lea Heinemans
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Stijn Starmans
Head of the Activity Committee: Sophie van den Heuvel
Head of the Publicity Committee: Nanny Bluekens

Board 1999-2000
President: Ben Arends
Secretary / Vice-President: Marijke Smedema
Treasurer: Elmar Vissers
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Stephanie Stefes
Head of the Activity Committee: Marjolein Deurenberg/ Sophie van den Heuvel
Head of the Publicity Committee: Fleur van Tilburg

Board 1998-1999
President: Noortje Geraads
Secretary/Vice-President: Nina Rogmans
Treasurer: Jennifer Nelen
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Aschwin van Reij
Head of the Activity Committee: Joep Besselink
Head of the Publicity Committee: Floris van Eenennaam

Board 1997-1998
President: Isabelle Snieders
Secretary / Vice-President: Benno Blindenbach
Treasurer: Carola Koornneef
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Barbara Verwayen/ Albert-Jan Pomper
Head of the Activity Committee: Susanne Thijssen
Head of the Publicity Committee: Frans Bakers

Bestuur 1996-1997
President: Marloes Emous
Secretary/Vice-President: Esther Eekhout
Treasurer: Joerek Kuhutnicki
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Jean-Jacques Cardous
Head of the Activity Committee: Louis de Groot
Head of the Publicity Committee: Chantal Flos

Board 1995-1996
President: Arnoud Brink
Secretary / Vice-President: Esther Verbeek

Treasurer: Jeroen Gijzen
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Matthijs Kunenborg
Head of the Activity Committee: Frances Steenkamp
Head of the Publicity Committee: Janneke Rikken

Board 1994-1995
President: Wouter Reith
Secretary/Vice-voorzitter: Sjoert Ebben
Treasurer: Mathijs Kunenborg
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Mike Stapleton
Head of the Activity Committee: Anne-Mieke Versteegh
Head of the Publicity Committee: Heidi Selten

Board 1993-1994
President: Angela Jansen
Treasurer: Chris Peeters
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Marjolein Schipper
Head of the Activity Committee: Ilse Vermeulen
Head of the Publicity Committee: Erika Smidt

Board 1992-1993
President: Angela Jansen
Secretary / Vice-President: Rob van Brummelen
Treasurer: Marco Bussemaker
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Rob Sijbers
Head of the Activity Committee: Maurits Wetzer
Head of the Publicity Committee: Vione Brunia

Board 1991-1992
President: Esther Bosmans
Secretary / Vice-President: Sacco Meulendijks
Treasurer: Philip Takken/ Cora Geerts
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Renske Nijdam
Head of the Activity Committee: Kirsti Postma
Head of the Publicity Committee: Frederike Oosterhoff

Board 1990-1991
President: Femke Stoop/ Willem Roemer
Secretary / Vice-President: Marleen Goumans
Treasurer: Philip Takken
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Valentijn Thijssen
Head of the Activity Committee: Arjen Nederstigt
Head of the Publicity Committee: Esther Bosmans

Board 1989-1990
President: Peter de Keijzer
Secretary / Vice-President: Janneke Buiteman/ Inge Mulders
Treasurer: Edward Oud
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Marja Veltman
Head of the Activity Committee: Sandra de Loos
Head of the Publicity Committee: Jaap-Frank Dijkveldstol

Board 1988-1989
President: Nicolle Brüll
Secretary / Vice-President: Johan Hoogenberg/ Sylvia Heeneman
Treasurer: Jan de Wert/ Marleen Goumans
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Rob van Kimmenade
Head of the Activity Committee: Janine Bartels
Head of the Publicity Committee: Annemieke van der Zijden

Board 1988
President: Jaap van Twisk
Secretary / Vice-President: Nicolle Brüll
Treasurer: Natasja van de Weg
General Secretary: Willem Oerlemans
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Sander Boerboom
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Mandy Prins
Head of the Publicity Committee: Mark Vermeulen
Head of the Sponsor Committee: Jan de Wert

Board 1987
President: Jaap van Twisk
Secretary / Vice-President Marianne Piters
Treasurer: Robertjan Mulder
General Secretary: Nicole Brüll
Head of the Sail Technical Committee: Michel Meuwissen
Head of the Activity Committee: Maarten Bak
Head of the Publicity Committee: Annette Elling
Head of the Sponsor Committee: Rinse Rooke

Sailtechnical Committee
The Sailtechnical Committee (ZeilCie) takes care of all sailing-related issues within the association. This means buying, hiring, selling and maintaining the fleet. But also making sure there are enough skippers and boats on sailing afternoons and weekends.


The ZeilCie makes sure we can all go sailing, either in Friesland or here in Maastricht on het Grindgat. Whitin the committee tasks are distributed. For the matches we have a competition commissioner, for teaching and lessons we have a training committee. The rest of the committee takes care of our boats and harbour. This means making sure the boats are ready to sail.

Does this sound like fun to you? And do you have a clear idea of what the fleet should look like? Let us know! You can either help in the committee or just maintaining.This way we keep the boats sailing.

Head Committee: Stefan Raats
Committee members: Joanita van Santen, Joash Datta, Leonard Spielberg, Mathias Leclercq, Alissia Devreux, Felix Scheuer, Leonoor Verbaan

ZeilCie mail


Education Committee

The OpCie, or education committee, is responsible for the sailing level and skipperspool of the association. It makes sure lessons are being given and the level of knowledge and skill amongst members is sufficient. This committee is also responsible for the training of

It includes the WedCie, or match commissary, which is responsible for all matters concerning racing.

Head OpCie: Joanita van Santen
Committee members: Inge Vliex, Jasper van de Nieuwenhuijzen, Marcel Rooms, Wouter de Vries, Marrit  Eulen, Ilke Eggen, Dorian Wevers, Dorian Tamminga, Jaap Vergouwen, Sophie Ruppert, Simone Schouten

OpCie mail

Publicity Committee
The Publicity Committee (PubCie) makes sure everybody knows about Lagakari, in a good way of course. Clearly our members know we have a very social and nice associating which organizes amazing sailing weekends and lessons. We also want this to be known outside the association. Together with the workgroup sponsoring (WeSp) we take care of the sponsors. Also we are responsible for the website, promote (sailing) activities with posters, flyers and stickers and make sure the associations magazine: ‘De Reeknuttel’ and the yearly ‘Smoelenboek’ are made. You can not avoid being photographed by PubCie members every once in a while.

Does this sound like fun to you? Let us know! Then you can get the possiblity to support this committee.

Head PubCie: Leonard Spielberg
Committee members: Abigael Kervyn, Angeniet Helwig, Ann Sophie Lauterbach, Claudie Moreau, Didier de Loo, Emma Severens, Fanta Kouyate, Helena Dragu, Jan Kieras, Laura Smith, Nea Mikkela, Niklas Wenzel

PubCie mail

Foto 07-12-15 20 56 02

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee (AcCie) invents and organizes all non-sailing activities within Lagakari. Because apart from sailing, we also do a lot of fun things together. Especially during the cold winter period the AcCie provides an extensive program to keep the members occupied when there is no possibility for sailing. But also during spring a lot of activities are organized to enlarge bonding and have fun together. Examples of activities are: theme party’s, “Sinterklaas” evening, our yearly Lagakari anniversary dinner, Valentines day, beer or wine tastings.

Does this sound like fun to you? Let us know! Then you can get the possibility to support this committee.

Head AcCie Lotte Salzmann
Committee members: Kolja Adam, Kim O’Niel, Anita Knochelman, Julia Wedrychowska, Ruth Bierkens, Diewertje van Dijk, Thijmen Burk, Jeske de Vries

AcCie mail

Foto 16-01-16 09 31 33

LIW Committee
Every year Lagakari organizes a fantastic sailing week in Friesland, the Lagakari Education Week (LIW). This amazing week is organized by a special committee, the LIWcie. This committee is formed in October and will work from then until the week after the LIW, which takes place in May. The LIWcie takes care of the accommodation, the boats, the theme, setting up a fun program for our members and of course the subscriptions for the LIW.

Head of the committee: –
Committee members: –

LIWCie mail


INTRO Committee
During the INKOM Lagakari is very active in promoting our association and of course in setting up a fun week for our members as well . To organize all these promo activities there is an INTRO committie, the INTROcie. This committee is responsible for organizing Lagakari activities on the sports event, the choice activity and taking care of our promo material. They will make sure the INKOM is a week you will never forget.

Head of the committee: –
Committee members: –

Does this sound like fun to you? Let us know! Then you can get the possiblity to support this committee or our activities in general on the INKOM.



The Sail association of Maastricht Lagakari was born in 1987. The birth took a lot of effort.

In May 1986, a team of six enthousiasic sailers participated in the GNSK (Groot Nederlands Championship) in Utrecht. They, of course, participated in the section team sailing. During this championship, the attention was payed to the fact that there was no student sailing association in Maastricht. But what isn’t there, can be formed! The students were enthousiastic and took the initiative to form a student sailing association in Maastricht. They started brainstorming!

The promotion could start. During the INKOM 1986, the activity of choice sailing was organized. The information market was the place to tell everyone about the plans of forming the sailing association. Of cource, the possibility to subscribe was already there.

After a sailing weekend in Friesland, the last days of September were used to collect some energy. Therefore, there was a silence around the association, but ideas kept growing. In December 1986, a information evening was organized. This evening was meant to divide the work within our association. Fifteen people subscribed to a total of six committees.

In June 1987 a General Aspirant-member meeting took place. The statutes were approved. This meant that the first board could be chosen. On the 19th of November 1987, the statutes were ratified. Therefore, the first official General Assembly could take place at the end of December.


Due to the southern wind in Limburg, we can sail to the high North were we met the Norwegain mythology of the wind and water. Laga is the god of the flowing water. Kari is the giant who brougth the wind from Rusland. Their forces are united and together they form the name Lagakari.

Lagakari Song

Lagakari voor de wind
Zal het altijd gaan
Frisse bries de zeilen strak
’t Recht van haar bestaan
Bikkels, bier en Beerenburg
‘t Drinkgelag de baas


Lagakari voor de wind
’s waters beste vrind

Lagakari godenkind
Tot mijn dood bemind.

The unofficial part:

Lagakari aan de wind
Saurus kanoclub
Circumflex, Tragos

Ichthus, seven-up
Koko’s gijp is achterlijk
Zeilers zijn de baas


Lagakari schrik der zee
Roeiers pas maar op
Een grote golf, ‘t water spat
Zeilers gaan voorop
Regen, storm en golfslag
Weergoden de baas


Old member association

Are you (almost) done with studying in Maastricht, but not at all done with sailing and drinking with your Lagakari friends? Water en Wind is the perfect place for you!

At Lagakari’s old-members association, you can find other members that, just like you, are not ready to stop sailing. Every year, Water en Wind tries to be at the LIW and the Lagakari Introweekend with as many former members as possible. But that is not all, because throughout the year, they also go sailing every once in a while.  

In addition to sailing, Water en Wind has several other, non-sailing related activities, such as drinks and the Lagakari Newyearsdinner. All of this for only 30 euros a year and the costs of the activities you want to attend!

Do you have any other questions, or do you simply want to sign up right away? Send an email to waterenwind@hotmail.com.

U kunt onze “privacy policy” vinden op www.lagakari.nl/policy