Lagakari is a lively and cosy association. During the whole sailing season we are active in sailing competitions and we organize several sailing weekends for our members. Unfortunately we can’t go sailing in the wintertime, but we will make sure that our members keep having a good time! The AcCie (activitiescommittee) organizes cool  activities and parties and the ZeilCie (sail-technical committee) will provide you with theoretical lessons to keep your sailing knowledge up to date.

Besides that we try to maintain a good relationship with our fellow- student sport associations in Maastricht and our sister associations in the rest of the Netherlands, by visiting other drink- evenings or sport events/trainings. For more information you can have a look at the separate information about the committees.


Date: Competition Entry-level* Type of boats: Where: Type of race: Other/Extra info:
9 February DMTRA Winterseries Beginner Elliot 6 Medemblik Matchrace (+ teamrace) Individual or team sign-up (max. weight of team: 1800 kg)(6 teammembers)
29 March DMTRA Winterseries Beginner Elliot 6 Medemblik Matchrace (+ teamrace) Individual or team sign-up (max. weight of team: 1800 kg)(6 teammembers)
7& 8 March Slag om Delft N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
4&5 April Nestor Trophy 1 Beginner N/A N/A Teamrace Individual sign-up to
17-18-19 April Cafe race Beginner N/A N/A Fleetrace N/A 
16-17 May NSK team racing Beginner N/A Rotterdam Teamrace N/A
24 May ZOK Beginner Optimist N/A Fleetrace N/A 

* This is only an indication of the approximate level needed to participate in the race. Note that for team competitions at least one schipper is needed on board unless indicated otherwise.

** Understand that this level means that if you are a beginner in sailing you might not be able to participate fully or completely understand what is going (the latter counts for anyone who has never done the type of race before though)


Matchrace – An explosive match where you sail one against one and try to beat the other person by thinking tactically.

Teamrace – A tactical match where two against two are sailing, the point is for your boat not to be last.

Fleetrace – A match where a large group of boats all start at the same time and the goal is to finish as early as possible.



From the V.N.S.Z. Nestor – the umbrella organisation of the Dutch student sail associations – a yearly national competition of team sailing is organised for students. The Nestor Trophy. Each year a few matches are held and the Dutch companionship is organised. The matches take part in various places in the country. All match days cumulative determine a winner!


A few sundays a year, matches are organised by our sister association the Waolenwiert, sailed on our very own Grindgat. The easiest approachable of all matches. Both valk and laser are welcome!




One of our last matches, since the days are getting shorter, is the NSK (in other words: Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) in October. A big match on valks with 50 participating boats. There is room for both beginners as experienced sailors. And a student championship is not complete without a nice part!


Do you want to party on the water AND work hard with the sails, bomen and peddels on your valk? Or do you know of many other ways to perpetuate your boat without a motor? Than you have to be there at the Leidse Onderlinge on the Kagerplassen!


The Zuidelijke Optimsten Kampienschoep is organised by one of our own sister associations, and it is done in an Optimist. It is organised so you can get a feel for what a match is like, in collaboration with 3 of our sister associations in the Netherlands. You can join if you have got the basics down of sailing. A lot of fun, and of course, the day comes to an end with a delicious BBQ. Don’t hesitate, sign up! 🙂



From the day that Mayday existed, she has organised the Maydaymatch. The matchrace competition of the year!

Matchracing is a spectacular form of competition. It is a very tactile game, like chess on the water. The principle is simple: two boats against each other and the one who finishes first, wins.

The NSK matchracing has two classes. The beginning sailors (silverfleet), as well as the advanced sailors (goldfleet). Everyone is welcome! You sail with three people per team. Next to that, Nicolaas Mulerious will be present: a nice add-on for the advanced drinker…

If you take part in the matches, you can earn points for the match league! So join, and win the Lagakari cup!

For questions, send an email to:

LIW 2021

Lagakari Instruction weekend (LIW) 2021 will take place from Thursday 13th of May to Sunday the 16th of May. During this weekend, our members will have the opportunity to sail and have fun together. This year the LIW will take place in Maastricht due to the current situation, but this will not stop us from trying to make it an amazing experience for all that will participate!   


Of course we also go sailing for fun with our association in different parts of the country. In Februari the die-hards can conquer the water for the first time in the new (calendar) year during ‘Bikkelweekend’. Besides that we give you the opportunity to improve your skills or enjoy a whole week of sailing during the Lagakari Instruction Week (LIW) which is held every May. Last but not least,  we always end our introduction period with the well-known introductionweekend! This is the perfect chance to get to know the new members and to enjoy sailing at falcons and a ‘skûtsje’.

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