About Us

Maastricht Student Sailing Association, Lagakari, was formed on the 19th of November, 1987 by 6 UM students. Since 1987, the students of Maastricht have gotten the opportunity to learn how to sail or expand their existing knowledge. 

Lagakari aims to introduce the boat life to every student out there. That’s why everyone is welcome to join us. Whether you’ve never set a foot on boat before or if you’ve already crossed the Atlantic, it doesn’t matter! We are here to teach and learn from each other. Members who have sufficient sailing levels teach members without experience. That’s the Lagakari dynamic!

There is one more thing that we love (almost) as much as sailing, and that is social activities. It is very important for us to keep the balance between activities and sailing. We love to show the Lagakari spirit everywhere we go.

Now you might wonder where do these people sail? As a matter of luck, there is a lake, Grindgat, and a harbour only 20 minutes bike ride from the city. That’s where we have our boats. And where do we party? We have our weekly drinks every Thursday evening in our usual pub. So, if you want to get to know us, either come and join our sailing days or stop by for drinks on Thursdays. For more information send an email to: info@lagakari.nl

Name of Origin

The name of our association derives from Norse mythology.

Laga: The goddess of wells and springs.

Kari: The giant who brought the wind from Russia.

Their forces are united and together they form the name Lagakari.

Lagakari Song

Lagakari voor de wind
Zal het altijd gaan
Frisse bries de zeilen strak
’t Recht van haar bestaan
Bikkels, bier en Beerenburg
‘t Drinkgelag de baas


Lagakari voor de wind
’s waters beste vrind
Lagakari godenkind
Tot mijn dood bemind.

The unofficial part:

Lagakari aan de wind
Saurus kanoclub
Circumflex, Tragos
Ichthus, seven-up
Koko’s gijp is achterlijk
Zeilers zijn de baas


Lagakari schrik der zee
Roeiers pas maar op
Een grote golf, ‘t water spat
Zeilers gaan voorop
Regen, storm en golfslag
Weergoden de baas