Welcome to Maastricht! We hope you are enjoying your time so far. If you are interested in getting to know the student and the sailing life, check out the only sailing association of the city, Lagakari!

MSZV Lagakari

Welcome to the website of MSZV Lagakari! Lagakari is the only student sailing association in Maastricht. We are proud to be one of the most international communities in the city. Founded in 1987, we offer students in Maastricht to go sailing and enjoy lots of fun activities for more than 35 years now.

What we do


Lagakari’s sailing area is the so called Grindgat, a beautiful lake next to the Maas a couple of minutes south of Maastricht. At Jachthaven Portofino, we have our boats and material to go sailing.​


Lagakari is a lively and cosy association. The AcCie (activitiescommittee) organizes cool activities and parties and the OpCie (educational committee) will provide you with theoretical lessons to keep your sailing knowledge up to date.

Learn Sailing

Do you want to learn sailing or are you already an experienced sailor? No matter your skill level, everybody is welcome to join Lagakari! We offer  sailing lessons on many levels to get you the skills you want.

Upcoming events