Are you (almost) done with studying in Maastricht, but not at all done with sailing and drinking with your Lagakari friends? Water en Wind is the perfect place for you!

At Lagakari’s old-members association, you can find other members that, just like you, are not ready to stop sailing. Every year, Water en Wind tries to be at the LIW and the Lagakari Introweekend with as many former members as possible. But that is not all, because throughout the year, they also go sailing every once in a while.  

In addition to sailing, Water en Wind has several other, non-sailing related activities, such as drinks and the Lagakari Newyearsdinner. All of this for only 30 euros a year and the costs of the activities you want to attend!

Do you have any other questions, or do you simply want to sign up right away? Send an email to

See you soon!

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