The fleet of M.S.Z.V. Lagakari

Sailing in Maastricht? Yes it’s possible!

Our fleet lies in the harbour Jachthaven Portofino. The association is in possession of a Laser 2 regetta, two laser standards (including a radial set), two laser pico’s, two polyvalks, a motorboat and an optimist! We are also in possession of a shipping container which is located in the harbour. Here we can store our material such as sails, tools, wetsuits etc.


The Nimbus is a Hoora Valk built in the year 2008 and added to our fleet in 2019. The valk was purchased from Hoora Watersport, located in Ottenhome. The name nimbus comes from the circle shaped light beam which is drawn on the heads of the greek gods as well as other holy men.


The Brizo is a polyvalk built in the year 2004 and was added in 2011 to our fleet. She is named after the Greek godess Brizo, the protector of the mariners, sailors and fishermen.


Teemo is the Laser Pico of Lagakari. She is build in the year 2006 and was purchased in the year 2014. Even though it looks like a Carnaval boat, with it’s yellow hull and blue sails. She is is very well suited to be used as a boat for taking lessons for beginner dingy sailors!


A new purchase of 2017 was our Laser Pico Tonic. You can distinguish it from the Teemo by looking at the boat: white instead of yellow! Moreover, it’s characteristics and use are of of course identical to the Teemo.


Fokke is the Laser 1, otherwise called the Laser standard. She was built in 2002 and added to our fleet in 2012. Fokke has a standard sail as well as a radial sail. She is often used to give lessons, as well as the occasional match.


Since 2017 we have a new boat: our second laser 1 Gin! The built year of this boat is 2010. Just like our Fokke, she is very well suited for the more advanced sailors, although she can just as well be used for teaching purposes.

The Gulden Gup:

The Gulden Gup is a Laser 2 Regetta. She was built in 1999 and added to our fleet in 2021. The Gulden Gup is easily distinguishable by its yellow colour, you can’t miss it when you it’s on the water! The Gulden Gup has next to the standard sails, also in possession of a spinnaker which makes it a challenging boat!


The crown Jewel, the creme de la creme……. Our optimist! She is predominantly used for promotional endeavors and can easily be sailed. Sadly grown up students are just a bit too large for the youth boat, but that does not spoil the fun!


Our motorboat is indestructible, she originates from 2003 and has, to our disappointment, no sails. She is however the ultimate comfort to our dinghy boat instructors who are able to easily instruct our learning members.

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