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INKOM @ Lagakari

Welcome to the Introperiod in Lagakari. From INKOM until the end of September, we offer a lot of general and sailing-related activities open to all students in Maastricht who are interested in Lagakari. You can join these activities without obligations, just sign up, join and have fun. At the end of September, you can decide whether you wanna become a member and join our lovely association.

For most of the activities, you don’t have do sign up. Feel free to just walk in. If necessary, please sign up using the link in the calendar event. If signup is required, it will be clearly indicated. If the activites are not free, you pay at the activity in cash. For last minute updates, check our Instagram and the Intromembers WhatsApp groupchat (coming soon). See you there!

We are looking forward to INKOM and Introperiod and preparations are still ongoing. We will provide all necessary and currently missing information on time. Once available (as of INKOM), you will be able to join our Intromembers WhatsApp groupchat to not miss anything. Stay tuned 🙂

August 2022
22 August 2022

Dinner of Choice

You can find Lagakari at the city park on Monday! Come and join us to …

Stadspark, 6211 JW Maastricht
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23 August 2022


At the SportsEvent all the Student Sport Associations, UM Sports and some other parties will present …

Griendpark, 6221 XP Maastricht
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26 August 2022

Activity of Choice: Sailing

During the Activities of Choice different sport associations present their own activity. This will give you …

Avenue Ceramique 250, 6221 KX Maastricht
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September 2022
02 September 2022
08 September 2022

Living Stratego

All Day
Sint Pietersberg
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15 September 2022

Activity to be announced

This activity will be announced soon! …

All Day
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22 September 2022

Pub Crawl

All Day
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23 September 2022
25 September 2022


All Day
Ulbe Twijnstrawei 31, 8491 CJ Akkrum
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29 September 2022
No event found!

DISCLAIMER: Maastricht introduction week, the INKOM, is organised by Workgroup INKOM in the name of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool ( Workgroup INKOM is responsible for the whole INKOM program. Workgroup INKOM and MSZV Lagakari are cooperating to make this week a success.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Lagakari? You are more than welcome to. Usually, you can become a member during one of our two so-called Introperiod. These are at the beginning of every semester. The fall Introperiod starts with INKOM and ends at the end of September and the spring Introperiod is usually in February. On this page, you find a lot of important information on how to join and some general information. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for example via email or Instagram direct message.


Are you interested in Lagakari? In this Lagakari-101-booklet, you find everything about Lagakari that you need to know.


Lagakari is an association of around 100 members, of which approximately half are international. The members from Lagakari come from lots of different studies. Everyone is welcome at Lagakari! 

No, not at all! Some members have been sailing all their lives, while others get on a boat for the first time during one of our open sailing afternoons. At Lagakari, you can get sailing lessons within the association. In addition, we send our members on external lessons to obtain their CWOs (sailing diplomas). It is also possible, with or without experience, to join a team to one of many sailing competitions throughout the Netherlands. Read more about education in Lagakari

If you already have a lot of sailing experience, you can become an instructor within the association and/or develop your sailing skills even further.

We hope to see you often when you join Lagakari, but the choice is yours. There are no mandatory weekends or drinks. We do ask, however, that you commit yourself to the association once a year during a work action.

No, Lagakari has no hazing.

However, every year, we go to Friesland during the last weekend of September for the introduction weekend. During this weekend, we sail through Friesland. We close the evenings with a party. During this fun weekend, you get to know the members and the association better without a hazing. For some, this is the last moment to decide if they want to join Lagakari. You do not have to be a member yet to participate in the introduction weekend.

No, you don’t have do speak Dutch to become a member of Lagakari. English is the official and spoken language in all parts of Lagakari, including the committees and the board. About half of Lagakari’s members are international.

Your membership starts by filling in the sign-up form. You can get a sign up form at various occasions such as activities, events, open-sailing days, etc. You can also download a digital version and email the completed form to  

You can sign up to be a member of Lagakari two times in a year: September and February.

There are two types of membership: Yearly membership and semester membership.

A full-year membership lasts from September to September and costs 88€ in 2022-2023 for the entire year. The latest date to sign up is the end of October.

A semester membership lasts from February to September and costs 50€ in 2022-2023 for the semester. The latest date to sign up is the end of February.

YES! It is mandatory to purchase a subscription at UM-sports when becoming part of any student sport association in Maastricht. 

They offer three different kinds: ‘Gym’, ‘Sports’ and ‘All-In-One’. 

You have to get the ‘Sports’ OR ‘All-In-One’ subscriptions to join Lagakari. 

If you purchased ONLY a ‘Gym’-membership, this is NOT the right membership for Lagakari.

If you are a full-year member, it is mandatory to have a membership for the full academic year. Semester members need to have it for the length of their semester. 

This website can be used to buy the UM Sport Membership: 

The deadline for purchasing a UM Sports Membership the end of October. If you don’t have it by the deadline, the UM Sports impose a fine of 200 euros. 

After you got your UM Sports membership, go to → My USC → My association and add Lagakari as your association.